Q: Do you offer commissions? 

A: Yes! Just shoot me an email with what you have in mind and I can paint you almost anything within reason. Due to the nature of my style, I have to calculate price on a case-by-case basis. Attributes such as composition, size and complexity can all effect this so get in touch for a quote! 

Q: Can you do larger print and canvas sizes than advertised on your website? 

A:  Usually, yes! While dimensions vary 100cm along the longest profile is typically the size I can reproduce before quality can start to diminish. This is also providing the print run will accommodate it.


Q: What Medium do you use? 

A: Typically I stick to acrylic as I find it gives the best colour fidelity and It suits the way I paint. However, I do paint in oils and pastel too. 

Q: Can I pay off an order in installments? 

A: Yes, typically for commissioned originals I work on a 50% to begin and 50% upon completion model this gives me what I need to start your painting and will ensure your satisfaction when it's finished.

Q: Shipping costs?

A:  For transparency, I don't bake shipping costs into my overall prices. Cost is often attributed to size and protection more than anything else. Furthermore, shipping artwork requires substantial packing and insurance in order to reach you safely and risk free.

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