Q: Do you offer commissions (custom art)? 

A: Yes! Just shoot me an email with what you have in mind and I can paint you almost anything within reason. Due to the nature of my style, I have to calculate price on a case-by-case basis. So get in touch for a quote! 

Q: Can you do larger print sizes/canvas versions? 

A: Yes, while dimensions vary A1 (or similar) is the maximum size I can go before quality is lost. This is also providing the print run will accommodate it.


Q: What Medium do you use? 

A: Typically I stick to acrylics as I find it gives the best colour fidelity. However, I do paint in oils and draw in oil pastels too. 

Q: Can I pay off an order in installments? 

A: Yes, for originals you can set up a payment plan and will receive the painting on receipt of the last instalment.


Q: Why is international shipping so expensive? 

A: Cost is often attributed to size and protection more than anything else. Furthermore, shipping original artwork requires professional packing and insurance in order to get you safely.

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